The afterlife is a feature in the Touched by an Angel series. There are angels of death which come and take the soul to Heaven.


There are a few references to the possibility of there not being an afterlife. In My Diner with Andrew, Andrew asks a woman what she thinks happens after death and she responds, "nothing." In the episode, Into the Light, the little girl who is dying is scared that there may be no God and that darkness is the only thing after death (possibly referring to Oblivion).


Andrew is the angel of death, and he escorts people to Heaven and appears whenever someone is about to die.


Hell is sometimes referred to in the series. In the episode, Into the Light, a man is in Hell. In the same episode, Monica describes Hell as being in the state of separation from God, as an eternity in darkness. Another episode, Minute by Minute, Andrew tells someone that they "have no idea" what Hell is like. A man breaks down and cries because he does not want to go to Hell in Famous Last Words. John Boothe had the choice between forgiveness and peace or separation from God forever.