Angels on the Air
Season 2, Episode 205
Air date October 21, 1995
Written by Martha Williamson
Directed by Timothy Bond
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The Driver
In the Name of God
  • Guest Stars: Elizabeth Ashley and Melissa Joan Hart


Monica works as an assistant to a woman who has a job in a Radio Station and is known for her sharp tongue and quick wit, Sandy Latham, crosses the line when she uses her daughter, Claire, to get ratings boosted and as a consequence loses her job and her daughter's love for her. Tess, who sits next to her uses her powers of persuasion to reveal the truth to her show her what she must do. She must reconcile with her daughter and ask for her forgiveness and her daughter must forgive her mother before they can move on in their lives.

Extended PlotEdit

Monica works as a personal assistant to radio personality Sandy Latham, who is renowned for her caustic rapport with listeners and her biting wit. In that capacity, the angel hopes to repair Sandy’s relationship with Claire, who is continually mortified that her mother uses her as a pawn in the ratings battle. Meanwhile, Tess joins Sandy as an on-air sidekick, encouraging her to be more supportive of her listeners and her daughter.

After Claire is humiliated by one of her mother’s stunts, the girl gets involved with a black-market CD scam to get money to run away from home. Monica uses her angelic powers to protect Claire and reveals that she is never alone with her pain because God is there also. Tess, likewise, reveals a similar message to Sandy, who is still recovering from her ex-husband’s infidelity. The angels encourage mother and daughter to work through their pain.