Tough Love
Season 1, Episode 105
Cassie's Choice
Air date October 26, 1994
Written by Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin
Directed by Burt Brinkerhoff
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Fallen Angela
The Heart of the Matter

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Extended PlotEdit

Cassie Peter's is pregnant and plans to give her baby up for adoption. Although neither Craig (the baby's father) nor Joanne (Cassie's mother) is present for the delivery, Monica is, posing as a nurse. After holding her daughter, Cassie changes her mind and runs away, much to the chagrin of the Feldman's, the adoptive parents. Monica and Tess are keeping watch over the mother and child when they learn from Adam, that the child is seriously ill. Monica gently prods Cassie to take the child to the hospital, where the teenager begins to realize she is not ready for the rigors of motherhood. Monica's revelation reinforces this fact, and Cassie returns home and gives the baby to the Feldman's. At the infant dedication, Mrs. Feldman announces that she and Ben have named their baby Faith. Cassie asks for a moment with her daughter and plays the flute for her legacy of music that runs in the family.


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