Flesh and Blood
Season 2, Episode 222
Air date May 4, 1996
Written by R.J. Colleary
Directed by Jon Andersen
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The Quality of Mercy


A young man who has a history of delinquency is accused of killing a girl. His mother backs his claim of innocence. But when he's released due to lack of evidence, the girl's father wants him gone. Later his mother discovers something in his possession that makes her doubt his claim of innocence. Monica has to confront him and persuade him to tell the truth, while Tess needs to encourage the victim's father to allow God to avenge the loss of his daughter, when he refuses to listen, especially when Kate insists that the vendetta would stop.

Extended PlotEdit

Monica befriends Kate Prescott, whose son has been accused of a brutal murder. Angered by Thomas’ acquittal, Leonard Page–the victim’s father–tries to force the Prescotts to leave town. Tess advises the man to let God avenge his daughter’s death, but he refuses to listen, even when Kate herself begs him to stop the vendetta. When she discovers some of the victim’s belongings in Thomas’s room, however, she doubts his innocence and issues a statement to the press. He responds by leaving town. But once the police apprehend the real murderer, Kate despairs because of her betrayal.

Revealing herself, Monica tells the distraught mother her mistake was trusting evidence rather than faith. Tess meanwhile returns to Page’s house, urging him to let the healing process begin. Afterwards, Monica wonders what will become of Kate’s son. Tess reveals that Mrs. Angeli, the kindly bus driver who gave Kate moral support during the trial is herself an “advance angel” who will watch over Thomas as he starts his new life in Los Angeles.


Main Cast

Recurring characters

Guest Stars

  • First appearance of Kate Prescott
  • First appearance of Thomas Prescott
  • First appearance of Mrs. Angeli
  • Guest Stars: Valerie Harper and Anthony Michael