Creator of the heavens and the earth (and, by extension, humans and angels), God is the loving ruler of the entire earth, and everything and everyone on it. Given that he does not appear very often in person (even on this program), it is no surprise that he is ignored by many people on earth, not worshipped by everyone. Many consider his vast and expansive nature as too big to possibly exist, or otherwise believe him to be too aloof in nature, and therefore become atheists (until confronted by angels, his messengers on earth). Those who do worship him famously make up the many worldwide religions such as Christianity, Judaism, and Islam (all portrayed on this show, and given God's utmost respect). However, many of them may be surprised to see with how much grace and tolerance God approaches the earth and human beings. A rather famous example of this forgiveness is allowing Kathleen to come back out of her state as a Demon and return to heaven as a righteous Angel once again.