In the Name of God
Season 2, Episode 206
Air date October 28, 1995
Written by Martha Williamson
Directed by Tim Van Patten
Episode Guide
Angels on the Air
  • Guest Stars: Paul Winfield, Dick Van Patten and John Schneider
  • First appearance of Sam
  • First appearance of Satan


A white supremacist group led by one of Tess's former cases try to stop an AIDS hospice opening, Tess's anger gets the better of her and her job has to be taken over by Sam until she learns to fight with love not anger, while Monica uncovers the truth behind a politician.

Extended PlotEdit

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Tess returns to the town of a previous assignment and she and Monica help JOANNE (Talia Balsam) open an AIDS hospice. Joanne is injured in a bomb blast and Tess is brought face to face with a white supremacy group headed by her previous assignment TIM (Craig Wasson). Tess’ anger causes her to be replaced by another angel, SAM (Paul Winfield). Monica is able to enlist the help of a nosey neighbor JERRY (Dick Van Patten) and the angels do battle with Satan (John Schneider), who’s posing as a politician. Tess and Monica reveal themselves to Tim and show him that he was motivated by fears stretching back to childhood. Together they drive Satan out of the community.