Operation Smile
Season 2, Episode 208
Air date November 11, 1995
Written by Glenn Berenbeim, R.J. Colleary and Martha Williamson
Directed by Nancy Malone
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The Big Bang
  • Guest Stars: Terumi Matthews and Tone Loc


Monica becomes a babysitter to Emily, a little girl who has a cleft lip. Her mother Ginger works as an exotic dancer for money and refuses to let her daughter be seen by anyone, as she feels Emily's disfigurement is her fault. Problems start when Emily makes a friend invited who learns that a free surgery for children like Emily is going to take place soon. More problems arise when Tess interrupts the entire crew, after Albert transported stolen merchandise, elsewhere. She confronts him, while they travel on a balloon, reestablishing their journey.

Extended PlotEdit

GINGER (Terumi Matthews) works as an exotic dancer, in which unlikely venue she meets Monica. Ginger hires Monica to babysit her little daughter EMILY, who was born with a disfiguring cleft palate. Ginger fears other kids in her trailer park will taunt Emily, but Monica invites JEREMY, who befriends the little girl. When Jeremy learns about Operation Smile, an organization of doctors who perform pro bono plastic surgery, he suggests Emily as a candidate.

Ginger has taken Emily’s affliction as a punishment from God for past transgressions, and refuses to accept the charity offer. Jeremy leads Emily off to Nashville (and Operation Smile) anyway by stowing away on ALBERT’s (Tone Loc) pick-up. Albert is actually transporting stolen goods elsewhere, when Tess intercepts the entire crew. She confronts Albert and redirects their journey across state via a balloon. When Monica reveals herself to Ginger, she is angry that Ginger assumes her daughter is a punishment from God; she should know that Emily is a great gift. In the end, Ginger gratefully allows Emily to receive treatment.