Season 2, Episode 207
Air date November 4, 1995
Written by Valerie Woods
Directed by Victor Lobl
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In the Name of God
Operation Smile
  • Guest Star: Natalie Cole
  • Guest Star: Maya Angelou


A poet's (Maya Angelou) worst fears are realised when her son's childhood love, Meagan, reappears and it is discovered she has AIDS. She must learn to let go and let the childhood sweethearts live their lives, with the encouragement of Tess.

Extended PlotEdit

Returning home for her mother’s funeral, Megan Brooks arrives with a Dixieland band playing “When the Saints Go Marching in.” This incident raises the ire of her godmother, Clarice Mitchell, a renowned poet. Clarice’s son, Sam and Megan had been high school sweethearts, but their lives drifted apart. Now that she is recently widowed, Sam is interested in rekindling a relationship and spontaneously proposes to Megan. Clarice, however, is horrified to discover that Megan is HIV positive. The mother urges her son to retract his proposal, and at first Sam literally drives away. But realizing his selfishness, he returns and pledges to stand by Megan through their coming years together. Now Megan has reservations about the marriage leaving Sam completely confused. Revealing that she has been the conduit through which Clarice received divine inspiration, Tess urges the poet to give her blessing to the nuptials because this is Sam and Megan’s time to live and love. The wedding proceeds apace after the bride and groom also receive separate revelations, and Clarice composes a new poem for the ceremony.