Statute of Limitations
Season 2, Episode 224
Air date May 18, 1996
Written by May 18, 1996
Directed by Victor Lobl
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Promised Land
  • Guest Star: Shanna Reed


Monica, Tess and Andrew are all assigned to work on a tabloid TV talk show host Morgan and her controlling overweight sister, Claudia, who tells her what to say and controls all aspects of the show, must expose the falsehood of the show and come into the open. They need each other and must learn to heal from a car accident in the past that has kept her in a wheelchair. Monica must help the sisters from hiding in the past and in her room and run their show together. As fate would have it actor Paul Walker plays Johnathan, Morgan's prom date who dies in a car crash in which he was the passenger.

Extended PlotEdit

The angels are assigned to The Morgan Bell Show, a tabloid talk show, with Monica having the plum job of assisting Claudia Bell, the program’s embittered producer and Morgan’s sister. A dark secret from the Bells’ past forged their unhealthy symbiotic relationship; the glamorous Morgan is the on-air talent while the obese Claudia calls the shots from seclusion.

Morgan’s attempt to focus on uplifting topics backfires when an “all-American” mother is confronted by an illegitimate daughter raised in foster homes. The woman has a heart attack, and Morgan is irate that Claudia engineered the situation. Working together, the angels uncover the mystery of the Bells’ own past, but inform the sisters God can forgive any sin, no matter how long ago it was committed. Morgan and Claudia publicly confess their misdeeds, asking their victims and the television audience for forgiveness.


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