The One That Got Away
Season 2, Episode 212
Air date January 6, 1996
Written by Debbie Smith and Danna Doyle
Directed by Victoria Hochberg
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The Angels focus on 4 former classmates, a couple who rekindle their passion, a woman who is still reeling from the suicide of her fiance who was expelled for cheating on an exam, and a man who had been unaware of her fiance's death. But there's hope, and Andrew, the Angel of Death, is here. Monica meets him unannounced, whom Tess is well acquainted with.

Extended PlotEdit

En route to a wedding in a picturesque mountain meadow, Monica meets an uninvited guest–Andrew, an Angel of Death whom Tess is well acquainted with. The angels’ new assignment focuses on former law school classmates traveling via train to the nuptials. Mark Monfort and Susan Duplain rekindle their passion, having ended their relationship just before graduation.

However, their friend, Lisa Magdaleno is still reeling from the suicide of her fiancé, Doug who was expelled from law school for cheating on an exam. Mark had been unaware of his best friend’s death and more importantly of his own involvement.

Jealous that Doug received a clerkship she wanted, Susan tricked Mark into helping her change Doug’s exam to make it look like he plagiarized. With Andrew’s assistance, Monica shows Mark that Susan’s quest for power and prestige is out of control. After an intense confrontation with her, he turns to Lisa for comfort and support.


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