Til We Meet Again
Season 2, Episode 213
Air date January 13, 1996
Written by Martha Williamson
Directed by Tim Van Patten
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The One That Got Away
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Monica and Tess need to convince the family of a dying man to expose their secret before he dies. At the Carpenter house, Monica is a visiting nurse, while Tess is an interior decorator who both get caught up in the confrontational situation over Kim's behavior that Joe's daughter and son-in-law are both really opposed to.

Extended PlotEdit

The Carpenter family gathers as their father, Joe prepares to die at home. Although grown, the siblings demonstrate the roles they have become accustomed to. Kate, the eldest, takes charge like their mother, Elizabeth but is not quite as overbearing. Chris, the middle child, stuns his sisters with the news that he is estranged from his wife. And Kim, the youngest, is the creative one who never seemed to fit in with the rest of the family .

Monica and Tess, as the home-care nurse and interior decorator (respectively), get caught in the crossfire as Chris and Kim resist Kate’s domineering behavior. The angels’ mission is to help expose a family secret before Joe dies. Andrew, the Angel of Death, informs his comrades that that time is rapidly approaching. Amidst a heated argument, Kate exposes the secret–Kim is not Joe’s biological daughter.

Upon returning from a brief trip, Elizabeth convenes a family meeting to discuss the matter. Years ago, she had a torrid affair with her husband’s business partner. Joe forgave his wife and raised Kim as his own daughter. Though this disclosure threatens to tear the family apart, Andrew arranges for Joe to receive a special dispensation: the bed-ridden father is able to walk downstairs, play the hymn, “‘Til We Meet Again,” on the piano and converse lucidly with his family. Monica and Tess urge them to follow his attitude of love and forgiveness. Joe dies with his family gathered around him, singing “‘Til We Meet Again” in four-part harmony.


Main Cast

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Guest Stars

  • Joan Van Ark
  • Ed Begley Jr.
  • Concetta Tomei
  • Priscilla Pointer