Season 2, Episode 202
Air date September 30, 1995
Written by Julie Sebo
Directed by Victor Lobl
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Interview with an Angel
Sympathy for the Devil
  • Guest Star: Joe Penny.


A police officer with a drug problem is partnered with Monica and he must face his problem or lose his job: or his life.

Extended PlotEdit

Monica “O’Dooley” is a rookie cop assigned to Zack Bennett, who returns to the force following rehabilitation from a gunshot wound. Zack’s request for a new partner upsets his former one, Ben Rivera. Monica soon learns why Zack has been avoiding Ben: he’s become addicted to pain killers.

This condition becomes overt when he steals a stash from Mason, a drug dealer that he and Monica apprehend. His erratic behavior causes him to miss Mason’s hearing, allowing the thug to assault a teenage girl. Realizing that Zack has lived in fear with recurring memories of being shot, Monica reveals herself. Informing him that faith is the only armor that bullets can never pierce, she helps him capture Mason. Armed with renewed faith, the policeman faces his addiction head-on and grows closer to his wife.